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After you hack the source code simply run `pitivi` again to see how your changes work.
### Development Workflow
We use [Phabricator tasks]( to track all bugs and feature requests; feel free to open a task if you have found a bug or
wish to see a feature implemented if it doesn't exist already.
You can even subscribe to tasks on Phabricator to keep yourself updated with their progress.
If you're a newcomer wanting to contribute, you can start with tasks tagged [Pitivi tasks for newcomers]( to get involved.
To fix a task, it's best to get in touch with us on our IRC channel `#pitivi` on Freenode, to see if it's still meaningful, then if all is well:
1. Assign the task to yourself in Phabricator.
2. Create a new branch with a meaningful name. Make sure to set its [remote-tracking branch](, as it determines the default commit range to attach.
For example, if you're going to work on task [T7674](, the branch could be called T7674-import-img or
T7674-fix-import, i.e. `git checkout -b T7674-import-img origin/master`.
3. Once you have made your changes, you need to create a commit. Follow the [GNOME guidelines](
for creating commits.
Be aware that when you create a commit, `pre-commit` is executed to perform checks on the changes and in some cases it does
some automatic fixes. When this happens, make sure those are included in the commit you want to create.
4. Now you're all set to push your first diff!
$ git-phab attach --task TXXXX
Optionally, you can set git-phab to automatically push your WIP branches to a personal remote repository:
1. Add your cloned remote Pitivi repository as a remote to your local repository:
$ git remote add github
$ git remote set-url github
$ git remote set-url --push github
$ git remote show github | grep URL
Fetch URL:
Push URL:
2. Set git-phab remote to your cloned remote Pitivi repository:
$ git config phab.remote github
### Update the environment
To update the dependencies installed in the dev env run:
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