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See [Google Summer of Code]( for how to
get involved.
## 2017
- [Fabián Orccón]( implemented a
[plugin system](
which has been merged. Unfortunately we noticed too late the excellent
additional Developer Console plugin he developed was based on code which is
not compatible with our license, so until that part is rewritten we can't
merge it.
- [Suhas Nayak]( implemented a [framework for
supporting custom UI for effects](,
instead of the UI generated automatically. Suhas used the new framework to
provide a polished UI for the `frei0r-filter-3-point-color-balance` and
`alpha` effects.
- [Ștefan-Adrian Popa]( implemented
the UI for the [Ken-Burns
including keyframing the placement and zoom of the clips by interacting with
the viewer. Additionally, Ștefan fixed a lot of bugs [most of them unrelated
to his main
## 2016
- [Jakub Brindza]( implemented
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