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[User's Manual]:
[developer instructions]:
# Contributors' documentation
# We need your help
See the [Developer documentation](
page for a complete listing of documentation aimed at contributing to
Pitivi. Here is a small overview/some starting points taken from that
See the [Contributing]( page
on the website for what you can contribute, and “Why contribute to
- [Roadmap]( (long-term plans)
- [Architecture]( where does Pitivi fit? What
- [Goals]( ― mission statement, vision
- [Roadmap]( ― long-term plans
- [Architecture]( ― Where does Pitivi fit? What
are all those components?
- [Brainstorming]( (UI mockups and “future” features only!)
See also the [Contributing]( page
on the website (includes a “Why contribute to Pitivi?” section).
## Tools to help you get started
## Getting started
- [Git](
- [Setup development environment]( (official and
easiest way to get your testing/development environment running,
with pre-built dependencies)
- [Tasks for newcomers](
- Setting up the [development environment](
- The [test suite](
- [Git](
## Ways to communicate
- [Reporting bugs](
- IRC: [\#pitivi](irc:// on
- Our [Google+ page]( or
[Twitter]( account. Do *not* report bugs
- Our [Twitter]( account. Do *not* report bugs
there, use our bug tracker instead!
- [The people]( (who does what)
# Random stuff
- [Goals]( (mission statement, vision)
- [Project history]( - rumors of our death
have been greatly exaggerated... :)
- [Current events]( - releases, meetings,
- [Project history]( ― how did we get here
- [Current events]( ― releases, meetings,
talks ... See also the [planet]( for
news about the project.
- [Why Python?](design/
- [Praise]( - a page to list some of the praises and
positive comments we received
- [Praise]( ― Some of the praises and positive feedback
- [Google Summer of Code](
# Pages that need to be reworked/deleted
The pages in these categories need to be reworked. Help is welcome!
Also, feel free to tag pages with these categories should you find that
a page is woefully incomplete or outdated:
- [Probably obsolete](
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