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......@@ -7,9 +7,6 @@ intended publishing medium. If the user doesn't fit in those presets, he
probably knows what he is doing/what he wants and will use the
“Custom...” approach, or perhaps make his own preset for later reuse.
See also: [Rendering Profiles
- Tapes and disks / (“publishing”?)
- NTSC, PAL, etc.
# Rendering Profiles Implementation
This is a page to track all the **issues related to the general
redesign/refactoring of project “profiles”** (a.k.a. presets or
templates) and all the related user interfaces (Project settings dialog,
Rendering dialog, Startup wizard). There are **dozens of bug reports and
mockups** scattered in the bug tracker. This page is an attempt to bring
those into a **cohesive whole**.
See **[tracker bug
630751](** for the
meta-bug that tracks all the other bugs related to this.
# Current overall status
- emdash's rework of project settings and rendering has been merged as
of december 2010:
- the “startup wizard” has also been implemented:
- Two-pass rendering is currently [not
As such, this page is mostly obsolete.
# Project profiles (emdash's branch)
The goal is to allow [Rendering
Profiles](design/, and allow the user to save
custom profiles.
Waiting for emdash to finish the job :)
## Project settings dialog
- “Save as default” button ([bug
obsolete/useless, we should implement a “Last used settings” profile
instead, selected by default.
Should allow/calculate any framerates [bug
- also affects render dialog
- already implemented in emdash's branch?
Do not block settings when applying a template [bug
- already obsoleted in emdash's branch?
### Mockups
by Andreas Nilsson (in bug
![](Project-settings-mockup-andreas.png "Project-settings-mockup-andreas.png")
by nekohayo:
![](Project-settings-mockup-nekohayo-2010-04.png "Project-settings-mockup-nekohayo-2010-04.png")
Note: the selected preset must default to “Last settings”, except if the
last settings were == one of the presets.
### Current implementation
Old and needs work:
![](Project-settings-emdash-2010-04.png "Project-settings-emdash-2010-04.png")
## Rendering dialog
Should basically be a clone of the project settings dialog with a couple
of additional options.
### Current implementation
Needs work:
![](Render-project-emdash-2010-04.png "fig:Render-project-emdash-2010-04.png")
# Startup wizard
![](Startup_wizard.png "Startup_wizard.png")
- Implement the first part (the start wizard itself; see the
screenshot above and [bug
- When clicking “Create new project...”, simply call the **new**
“Project settings” window (see mockup above). That dialog defaults
its preset to the “Last used settings” project preset/profile, this
way the user doesn't have to do more than 2 clicks.
- If the user cancels out that window, come back to the startup
- If the user OKs that window, then we're done.
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@
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