Commit 06c9fa09 authored by Alexandru Băluț's avatar Alexandru Băluț

previewers: Fix animated thumb

We don't have a mechanism to retry failed thumbnails a limited number of
times, so for now keep the attempted tries out of the queue.

Fixes Thibault Saunier's avatarThibault Saunier <>
Differential Revision:
parent 0ed93a62
......@@ -561,9 +561,6 @@ class VideoPreviewer(Previewer, Zoomable, Loggable):
time = self.queue.pop(0)
self.log('Creating thumb for "%s"', path_from_uri(self.uri))
# append the time to the end of the queue so that if this seek fails
# another try will be started later
Gst.Format.TIME, Gst.SeekFlags.FLUSH | Gst.SeekFlags.ACCURATE,
Gst.SeekType.SET, time,
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