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    * pitivi/discoverer.py: · 514900d7
    Edward Hervey authored
    Added timeout of 10s for discovering each file, should be enough and
    prevents the discoverer from idling on broken files/plugins.
    Added tagging discovery.
    Only push the pipeline to PLAYING if we need a thumbnail.
    * pitivi/objectfactory.py:
    Moved getPrettyInfo to ObjectFactory class
    Added MediaStream classes to contain information about multimedia
    streams and their handling in ObjectFactory classes.
    Check if the file is valid when setting a thumbnail file.
    * pitivi/utils.py:
    float_framerate() now retuns a string
    * pitivi/ui/actions.xml:
    Added and re-ordered menus and toolbar
    * pitivi/ui/mainwindow.py:
    Added full-screen toggling facilities with menu/toolbar item and
    Added menu/toolbar item for adding Sources.
    More cleaning up.
    * pitivi/ui/plumber.py:
    If present, set qos to FALSE on videosink
    * pitivi/ui/sourcefactories.py:
    Clear up the sources list.
    There is now only a gtk.TreeView with less columns but more information.
    Added SourceListWidget.showImportSourcesDialog()
    Made the ImportSourcesDialog run asynchronously instead of with .run()
    Make the DiscovererErrorDialog look a bit nicer.
    * pitivi/ui/viewer.py:
    Use computed display-aspect-ratio for the gtk.AspectFrame of the viewer.
    Use fixed-size font for time/duration label.
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