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      Creating new projects and opening recent projects on startup
      <p>Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0</p>
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  <title>The welcome dialog</title>
  <p>When you launch <app>Pitivi</app>, a startup assistant appears, allowing you to create a new project or open an existing project in a few clicks. If you want to skip this dialog, press the <key>Escape</key> key on your keyboard or click the window's close button. Skipping the dialog will open a new project with default settings.</p>
  <p>The dialog offers you projects that are found among the recently used files. Double-click one of them to load it or use one of the following buttons:</p>
  <list type="numbered">
      <p><gui>New</gui> opens a new project with the default settings.</p>
      <p><gui>Browse projects...</gui> opens file chooser in the last used directory.</p>
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      <p><gui>Help</gui> opens the user documentation on the index page.</p>
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      <p><gui>Keyboard shortcuts</gui> opens the user documentation on the Keyboard shortcuts and cheatsheet page.</p>
  <note style="tip">
    <p>By right-clicking the individual projects offered by the <gui>Welcome dialog</gui> you can get more options: copy project's location, remove project from the list, clear the list, or show private resources.</p>