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      .gitlab-ci.yml: Share certs with inner container. · 4888bb51
      Brady J. Garvin authored
      Recent commits to Pitivi have been failing CI because GitLab is unable
      to establish a connection with TLS to the inner Docker instances in
      Pitivi's Docker-in-Docker (dind) setup.
      As described at https://hub.docker.com/_/docker#tls, TLS certificates
      can be shared from the outer Docker instance to the inner instance to
      ensure that the same certificates are used by both instances.  The
      process involves sharing the certificate folder (`-v
      ${DOCKER_TLS_CERTDIR}:${DOCKER_TLS_CERTDIR}:ro`) and setting an
      environment variable to indicate where that shared folder is (`-e
      As recommended by GitLab, this commit also specifies a version for the
      `dind` service, so that developers can control when upgrades occur, and
      similar changes to dind will not disrupt CI at inopportune times.
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      Update Polish translation · efc94f8b
      Piotr Drąg authored
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    • Brady J. Garvin's avatar
      tests: Make test timezone-independent. · 4f02192a
      Brady J. Garvin authored
      `test_beautify_last_updated_timestamp` tests the natural-language formatting of
      `time.localtime(0)`, the Unix epoch in the local timezone.  However, in
      timezones with a negative offset, that moment falls on a Wednesday, not a
      Thursday, so the assertions fail to match the expected string "Thursday".
      Even though using a local timezone is appropriate for Pitivi itself, the test
      suite should not depend on the local timezone of the machine where it runs, so
      this change mocks `time.localtime` to return the Unix epoch in UTC.
      Closes #2406.
    • Brady J. Garvin's avatar
      utils: Support mixed str/bytes control sequences. · d44c33ad
      Brady J. Garvin authored
      It is not safe for `_preformat_levels` to assume that all of the fields in a
      `TerminalController` have the same type; at least in my environment, some of
      these fields are populated with `bytes` while others remain strings.
      This change conditionally applies decoding to each control sequence separately
      using a helper function `_as_string`.  As a side-effect, it also eliminates some
      code repetition in `_preformat_levels`.
      Closes #2407.
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