Commit d205a510 authored by Matas Brazdeikis's avatar Matas Brazdeikis Committed by Jeff Fortin Tam
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Add a preference for the default duration of image clips in the timeline

Fixes bug #679779
parent 9626708b
......@@ -73,6 +73,18 @@ PreferencesDialog.addNumericPreference('edgeSnapDeadband',
"when dragging or trimming."),
label=_("Image clip duration"),
description=_("Default clip length (in miliseconds) of images when inserting on the timeline."),
# cursors to be used for resizing objects
ARROW = gtk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.ARROW)
......@@ -1033,6 +1045,10 @@ class Timeline(gtk.Table, Loggable, Zoomable):
for info in infos:
src = ges.TimelineFileSource(info.get_uri())
src.props.start = duration
# Set image duration
# FIXME: after GES Materials are merged, check if image instead
if src.props.duration == 0:
src.set_duration(long(self._settings.imageClipLength) * gst.SECOND / 1000)
duration += info.get_duration()
id = src.connect("track-object-added", self._trackObjectsCreatedCb, src, x, y)
......@@ -1043,6 +1059,8 @@ class Timeline(gtk.Table, Loggable, Zoomable):
# are created. We concider that the time between the different
# TrackObject-s creation is short enough so we are all good when the
# first TrackObject is added to the TimelineObject
if tlobj.is_image():
tlobj.set_duration(long(self._settings.imageClipLength) * gst.SECOND / 1000)
self._temp_objects.insert(0, tlobj)
del self._creating_tckobjs_sigid[tlobj]
......@@ -1555,6 +1573,10 @@ class Timeline(gtk.Table, Loggable, Zoomable):
timeline =
layer = timeline.get_layers()[0] # FIXME Get the longest layer
# Set the duration of the clip if it is an image
if source.is_image():
source.set_duration(long(self._settings.imageClipLength) * gst.SECOND / 1000)
# Handle the case where we just inserted the first clip
if len(layer.get_objects()) == 1:
source.props.start = 0
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