Commit 571fb919 authored by Jeff Fortin Tam's avatar Jeff Fortin Tam
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Disable keyboard shortcuts in the transformation spinbuttons

parent d205a510
......@@ -592,8 +592,14 @@ class TransformationProperties(gtk.Expander):
def _getAndConnectToEffect(self, widget_name, property_name):
Create a spinbutton widget and connect its signals to change property
values. While focused, disable the timeline actions' sensitivity.
spinbtn = self.builder.get_object(widget_name)
spinbtn.connect("output", self._onValueChangedCb, property_name)
spinbtn.connect("focus-in-event", self._disableTimelineActionsCb)
spinbtn.connect("focus-out-event", self._enableTimelineActionsCb)
self.spin_buttons[property_name] = spinbtn
self.default_values[property_name] = spinbtn.get_value()
......@@ -614,6 +620,12 @@ class TransformationProperties(gtk.Expander):
if box and box.clicked_point == 0:
def _disableTimelineActionsCb(self, unused_widget, unused_event):
def _enableTimelineActionsCb(self, unused_widget, unused_event):
def _flushPipeLineCb(self, widget):
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