Commit c779e8c0 authored by Brian Manning's avatar Brian Manning

Release v0.028

parent 9bb8aa8c
Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.028 [2016-06-30]
* Gtk3::Dialog, Gtk3::InfoBar: correctly pass user data to 'response' handlers
(Maximilian Lika)
* Test for correct error location reports
* Gtk3::Clipboard::set_text: make length arg optional
* Add an implementation of Gtk3::StyleContext::get
* Mention that Gtk3::Widget::grab_add and grab_remove are methods in Gtk3
Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.027 [2016-06-05]
name = Gtk3
version = 0.027
version = 0.028
author = Torsten Schoenfeld <>
license = LGPL_2_1
copyright_holder = Torsten Schoenfeld
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