Commit 9bb8aa8c authored by Torsten Schönfeld's avatar Torsten Schönfeld

Mention that Gtk3::Widget::grab_add and grab_remove are methods in Gtk3

parent 6d4ea49e
......@@ -2258,6 +2258,9 @@ return value.
=item * Gtk3::TreeStore, Gtk3::ListStore: reorder() is currently unusable.
=item * Gtk3::Widget: grab_add() and grab_remove() are methods now: C<<
$widget->grab_add >>, C<< $widget->grab_remove >>.
=item * Gtk3::Gdk::Atom: The constructor new() is not provided anymore, and the
class function intern() must now be called as C<< Gtk3::Gdk::Atom::intern
(name, only_if_exists) >>.
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