Commit 4f1853f6 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

Use a temporary, writable directory as $HOME while running tests.

Otherwise, t/overrides.t and t/zz-GtkRecentChooserDialog.t fail in a Debian
sbuild build environment, with errors such as:

  Gtk-CRITICAL **: Unable to create user data directory  '/sbuild-nonexistent/.local/share' for storing the recently used files list:  Permission denied  **  Gtk:ERROR:/tmp/buildd/gtk+3.0-3.8.4/./gtk/gtkrecentmanager.c:622:gtk_recent_manager_set_filename:  assertion failed: (priv->filename != NULL)
parent b27bed29
......@@ -21,4 +21,7 @@ sub on_unthreaded_freebsd {
return 0;
use File::Temp qw{tempdir};
$ENV{HOME} = tempdir(CLEANUP => 1);
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