Commit 15f111f7 authored by Brian Manning's avatar Brian Manning

Release v0.030

parent fd800403
Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.030 [2016-11-23]
* Fix a test failure due to old CSS syntax
* When marshalling key-value pairs, preserve their order
* Add an override for Gtk3::Widget::style_get
* Add overrides for the child property methods of Gtk3::Container
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Widget::find_style_property and
* Add overrides for Gtk3::Container::find_child_property and
Overview of changes in Gtk3 0.029 [2016-09-27]
name = Gtk3
version = 0.029
version = 0.030
author = Torsten Schoenfeld <>
license = LGPL_2_1
copyright_holder = Torsten Schoenfeld
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