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    Use the standalone Pango module. · bd86345b
    Torsten Schönfeld authored
    * CodeGen.pm: Add handlers for 'Alias' variants of most types.
    * maps_pango-1.0
    * maps_pango-1.4
    * maps_pango-1.6
    * maps_pango-1.8
    * maps_pango-1.10
    * maps_pango-1.16
    * maps_pango-1.18: Use the above to register Gtk2::Pango::* type
    * gtk2perl.h: Include pango-perl.h
    * Gtk2.pm: Use Pango.  Set up package aliases under Gtk2::Pango::
    for the things that now live under Pango::.
    * xs/Gtk2.xs: Remove unneeded pango stuff.  Make the doc generator
    create stub Gtk2::Pango::* POD pages that explain the situation
    and link to the relevant Pango::* docs.
    * t/pango-compat.t (added): Add some tests that try to ensure
    backwards compatibility in ways not tested by the existing
    t/Pango*.t tests.
    * doctypes
    * Makefile.PL: Remove unneeded pango stuff.
    * pango.typemap (deleted)
    * xs/PangoAttributes.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoCairo.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoContext.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoFontMap.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoFontset.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoFont.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoGravity.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoLayout.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoMatrix.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoRenderer.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoScript.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoTabs.xs (deleted)
    * xs/PangoTypes.xs (deleted)
    * xs_files_pango-1.0 (deleted)
    * xs_files_pango-1.6 (deleted)
    * xs_files_pango-1.10 (deleted)
    * xs_files_pango-1.16 (deleted): Remove now unneeded files.
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