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    Add const typemaps for object types. · bb930fd3
    Torsten Schönfeld authored
    	* CodeGen.pm: Add const typemaps for object types.
    	* t/GtkFileChooser.t: Skip this test completely as it's failing.
    	* t/GtkAccelMap.t, t/GtkAccelGroup.t, t/GtkStock.t: Remove some
    	TODO block since the relevant Test::More bug has been fixed.
    	* gdk.typemap, maps-2.6, t/GdkPixbuf.t, xs/GdkPixbuf.xs: Bind and
    	test gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale, gdk_pixbuf_rotate_simple,
    	gdk_pixbuf_flip, gdk_pixbuf_get_file_info, the new GdkPixbufFormat
    	members and gdk_pixbuf_format_set_disabled.
    	* t/GtkDnd.t, xs/GtkDnd.xs, xs/GtkNotebook.xs: Merge from
    	stable-1-08: Update copyright disclaimers.
    	* xs/GtkRadioAction.xs, xs/GtkToggleAction.xs: Add synopsis
    	sections that show and explain our custom constructors for these
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