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Fix compatibility with perl 5.20 and non-dot locales

In locales with something else than a dot as the decimal separator, the
combination of perl >= 5.20 and Gtk2 lead to errors wherever perl tried to
parse version numbers, as in "use 5.8.0" or "use Encode 0.5".  Fix by making
sure we notify perl when the locale might have changed behind its back.
parent e5a2004f
Overview of changes in Gtk2 <next>
* Fix compatibility with perl 5.20 and non-dot locales.
* Disable some tests that are known to behave erratically in certain
environments. They are still available in the "xt" directory, but they will
not be run by default.
......@@ -98,6 +98,36 @@ Gtk2->bootstrap ($VERSION);
our @EXPORT_OK = map { @$_ } values %Gtk2::EXPORT_TAGS;
$Gtk2::EXPORT_TAGS{all} = \@EXPORT_OK;
# Compatibility with perl 5.20 and non-dot locales. Wrap all functions that
# might end up calling setlocale() such that POSIX::setlocale() is also called
# to ensure perl knows about the current locale. See the discussion in
# <>,
# <>,
# <>.
if ($^V ge v5.20.0) {
require POSIX;
no strict 'refs';
no warnings 'redefine';
my $disable_setlocale = 0;
my $orig = \&Gtk2::disable_setlocale;
*{Gtk2::disable_setlocale} = sub {
$disable_setlocale = 1;
# gtk_init_with_args is not wrapped.
foreach my $function (qw/Gtk2::init Gtk2::init_check Gtk2::parse_args/) {
my $orig = \&{$function};
*{$function} = sub {
if (!$disable_setlocale) {
POSIX::setlocale (POSIX::LC_ALL (), '');
# Names "STOP" and "PROPAGATE" here are per the GtkWidget event signal
# descriptions. In some other flavours of signals the jargon is "handled"
# instead of "stop". "Handled" matches g_signal_accumulator_true_handled(),
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