Commit 1361e9d2 authored by Torsten Schönfeld's avatar Torsten Schönfeld
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Glib::Object: make ref-counting compatible with perl >= 5.16

As of 5.15.3, perl is more thorough when looking for objects during
global destruction.  It will now also find objects that don't have
anything pointing at them anymore.  Glib::Object's DESTROY was not
prepared for that.
parent f0868f20
......@@ -776,8 +776,11 @@ gobject_destroy_wrapper (SV *obj)
if (PL_in_clean_objs)
/* As of perl 5.16, this function needs to run even during global
* destruction (i.e. when PL_in_clean_objs is true) since we might
* otherwise end up with undead HVs hanging on to garbage. Prior to
* 5.16, this did not matter, but recent versions of perl will find
* these HVs and call DESTROY on them. */
#ifdef NOISY
warn ("gobject_destroy_wrapper (%p)[%d]\n", obj,
......@@ -1206,10 +1209,12 @@ BOOT:
GObject *object;
gboolean was_undead;
GObject *object = gperl_get_object (sv);
if (!object) /* Happens on object destruction. */
object = gperl_get_object (sv);
if (!object) /* Happens on GObject destruction. */
#ifdef NOISY
warn ("DESTROY< (%p)[%d] => %s (%p)[%d]\n",
......@@ -1217,14 +1222,13 @@ DESTROY (SV *sv)
gperl_object_package_from_type (G_OBJECT_TYPE (object)),
sv, SvREFCNT (SvRV(sv)));
was_undead = IS_UNDEAD (g_object_get_qdata (object, wrapper_quark));
/* gobject object still exists, so take back the refcount we lend it. */
/* this operation does NOT change the refcount of the combined object. */
if (PL_in_clean_objs) {
/* be careful during global destruction. basically,
* don't bother, since refcounting is no longer meaningful. */
_gperl_remove_mg (SvRV (sv));
g_object_steal_qdata (object, wrapper_quark);
} else {
SvREFCNT_inc (SvRV (sv));
......@@ -1256,7 +1260,17 @@ DESTROY (SV *sv)
G_UNLOCK (perl_gobjects);
g_object_unref (object);
/* As of perl 5.16, even HVs that are not referenced by any SV will get
* their DESTROY called during global destruction. Such HVs can occur
* when the GObject outlives the HV, as for GtkWindow or GdkScreen.
* Here in DESTROY such an HV will be in the "undead" state and will
* not own a reference to the GObject anymore. Thus we need to avoid
* calling unref in this case. See
* <> for the
* perl change. */
if (!was_undead) {
g_object_unref (object);
#ifdef NOISY
warn ("DESTROY> (%p) done\n", object);
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