Commit 2046d749 authored by Torsten Schönfeld's avatar Torsten Schönfeld

Add some docs about overriding virtual functions

parent 2162a9b1
......@@ -527,6 +527,21 @@ example:
my $button = Gtk3::Button->new;
Gtk3::WidgetClass::find_style_property ($button, 'image-spacing')
=head2 Overriding virtual functions
When subclassing a gtk+ class or when implementing a gtk+ interface with
L<Glib::Object::Subclass>, you can override any virtual functions that the
class has by simply defining sub routines with names obtained by capitalizing
the original names of the virtual functions. So, for example, if you implement
a custom subclass of C<Gtk3::CellRenderer> and want to override its virtual
function C<render>, you provide a sub routine with the name C<RENDER> in your
sub RENDER {
my ($cell, $cr, $widget, $background_area, $cell_area, $flags) = @_;
# do something
=head2 C<< Glib::Object::Introspection->setup >>
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