Commit 6fcae864 authored by Christoph Reiter's avatar Christoph Reiter 🐍

win32: remove redundant function declarations

The meson build uses -Werror=redundant-decls and fails.
parent b136f150
......@@ -31,8 +31,6 @@
#include "pangowin32-private.h"
extern HFONT _pango_win32_font_get_hfont (PangoFont *font);
#include "pango-utils.h"
#include "pango-impl-utils.h"
......@@ -54,11 +54,6 @@ gboolean _pango_win32_debug = FALSE;
static void pango_win32_font_dispose (GObject *object);
static void pango_win32_font_finalize (GObject *object);
static gboolean pango_win32_font_real_select_font (PangoFont *font,
HDC hdc);
static void pango_win32_font_real_done_font (PangoFont *font);
static double pango_win32_font_real_get_metrics_factor (PangoFont *font);
static PangoFontDescription *pango_win32_font_describe (PangoFont *font);
static PangoFontDescription *pango_win32_font_describe_absolute (PangoFont *font);
static PangoCoverage *pango_win32_font_get_coverage (PangoFont *font,
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