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    meson: Update rules for introspection · f553ec30
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Building introspection should not be gated on cross-compilation: it's
    perfectly acceptable to use an helper binary to run the introspection
    scanner when cross-compiling — in fact, it's what projects like Yocto
    do. Instead, we should have an option to disable the introspection
    generation explicitly.
    Additionally, when building introspection data for ancillary Pango
    libraries, like PangoCairo or PangoXft, we should depend on the GIR
    target, instead of adding an `--include-uninstalled` extra argument for
    the introspection scanner; this allows building Pango as a sub-project
    of another project, and lets Meson deal with the appropriate paths and
    arguments when invoking the scanner.