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    Add solution and project files for Visual Studio builds · b68d520e
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    The VS files are kept in build/win32/vs9, the same relative location
    as in GLib, mostly for historical reasons.
    Update README.win32 to reflect the VS possibility.
    Include the VS solution and project files in the tarball when doing a
    To avoid having to list source files in several locations, generate
    files listing source files at "make dist" time in the corresponding
    source directories. Use the C preprocessor to preprocess .vcprojin
    files that include said list files into the actual .vcproj project
    Provide a rc file for the pangocairo DLL, too.
    Construct and provide in the tarball a pregenerated config.h.win32
    which can be used as config.h when building with Visual C without
    running any configure script. Provide pregenerarated
    module-defs.h.win32, module-defs-lang.c.win32 files too.
    Define PANGO_MODULE_PREFIX appropriately in the relevant module source
    files if not available from the compilation command line.
    Update module-defs-fc.c.win32 and module-defs-win32.c.win32 to match
    what the configure script provides.
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