Commit 74abd9de authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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build: Add a summary

I hope this will give some insight into what is
happening in ci builds.
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......@@ -402,13 +402,16 @@ if build_pangoft2
pango_deps += freetype_dep
build_pangoxft = false
xft_dep = dependency('xft', version: xft_req_version, required: get_option('xft'))
if xft_dep.found() and fontconfig_dep.found() and freetype_dep.found()
pango_conf.set('HAVE_XFT', 1)
pango_deps += dependency('xrender', required: false)
pango_deps += xft_dep
build_pangoxft = true
has_core_text = false
if host_system == 'darwin'
has_core_text = cc.links('''#include <CoreText/CoreText.h>
int main (void) {
......@@ -653,3 +656,25 @@ endif
if not meson.is_subproject()
summary('Font backends', pango_font_backends)
summary('Cairo support', cairo_dep.found(), section: 'Features')
summary('Fontconfig support', fontconfig_dep.found(), section: 'Features')
summary('Freetype support', freetype_dep.found(), section: 'Features')
summary('Thai support', thai_dep.found(), section: 'Features')
summary('Sysprof support', libsysprof_capture_dep.found(), section: 'Features')
summary('Compiler', cc.get_id(), section: 'Toolchain')
summary('Linker', cc.get_linker_id(), section: 'Toolchain')
summary('Debugging', get_option('debug'), section: 'Build')
summary('Optimization', get_option('optimization'), section: 'Build')
summary('Introspection', get_option('introspection'), section: 'Build')
summary('Documentation', get_option('gtk_doc'), section: 'Build')
summary('Install tests', get_option('install-tests'), section: 'Build')
summary('prefix', pango_prefix, section: 'Directories')
summary('includedir', pango_includedir, section: 'Directories')
summary('libdir', pango_libdir, section: 'Directories')
summary('datadir', pango_datadir, section: 'Directories')
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