Commit 6de40af8 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Add a release script

This script handles both the main source tarball
as well as the docs one.
parent d9b69cba
#! /bin/sh
version=$(head -5 | grep version | sed -e "s/[^']*'//" -e "s/'.*$//")
branch=$(git branch --show-current)
if [ -d ${release_build_dir} ]; then
echo "Please remove ./${release_build_dir} first"
exit 1
# we include gtk-doc since we need the gtk-doc-for-gtk4 branch
meson setup --force-fallback-for gtk-doc ${release_build_dir} || exit
# make the release tarball
meson dist -C${release_build_dir} --include-subprojects || exit
# now build the docs
meson configure -Dgtk_doc=true ${release_build_dir} || exit
ninja -C${release_build_dir} pango-doc || exit
tar cf ${release_build_dir}/meson-dist/pango-docs-${version}.tar.xz ${release_build_dir}/docs/
echo -e "\n\nPango ${version} release on branch ${branch} in ./${release_build_dir}/:\n"
ls -l --sort=time -r "${release_build_dir}/meson-dist"
echo -e "\nPlease sanity-check these tarballs before uploading them."
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