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Add a json-glib subproject

This is necessary for ci on MacOs to build.
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......@@ -252,7 +252,8 @@ fribidi_dep = dependency('fribidi', version: fribidi_req_version,
default_options: ['docs=false'])
pango_deps += fribidi_dep
json_glib_dep = dependency('json-glib-1.0', version: json_glib_version)
json_glib_dep = dependency('json-glib-1.0', version: json_glib_version,
fallback: ['json-glib', 'json_glib_dep'])
pango_deps += json_glib_dep
thai_dep = dependency('libthai', version: libthai_req_version, required: get_option('libthai'))
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