Commit 169d411a authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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layout: Call pango_tab_array_sort

We want to optimize access to tab stops,
and will assume they are ordered.
parent f2f9e410
......@@ -1032,10 +1032,13 @@ pango_layout_set_tabs (PangoLayout *layout,
if (tabs != layout->tabs)
if (layout->tabs)
pango_tab_array_free (layout->tabs);
g_clear_pointer (&layout->tabs, pango_tab_array_free);
layout->tabs = tabs ? pango_tab_array_copy (tabs) : NULL;
if (tabs)
layout->tabs = pango_tab_array_copy (tabs);
pango_tab_array_sort (layout->tabs);
layout_changed (layout);
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