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0.148 "Chamechaude"
The main points of this release are:
- gmime3 is used by default and gmime2 is deprecated
- release tag format is changed. This release is tagged v0.148
- some UI bugs are fixed
- README was converted from ASCII to org-mode format
Detailed changes:
c77fd22 set release name (Dominique Dumont)
3e7fb82 fix preferences window size (close #99) (Dominique Dumont)
79677ce remove register storage class from cc code (Dominique Dumont)
ea76dba CI: remove --with-gmime30 obsolete option (Dominique Dumont)
e42d3ff prefer gmime3 over deprecated gmime2 (Dominique Dumont)
6abf0cf use gmime3 by default, gmime2 is deprecated (Dominique Dumont)
c85950d post-ui: remove space inserted before x-face (gmime3) (Dominique Dumont)
a8fda6d fix links at end of page (Dominique Dumont)
9a7bb19 convert more links (Dominique Dumont)
099ccf0 convert links (Dominique Dumont)
896cfc5 Convert README to (Dominique Dumont)
d92dc16 fix (post-ui): rm handle_box to fix missing widgets (Dominique Dumont)
6260911 fix other non-utf8 char in comments (Dominique Dumont)
e88d74a converted ISO-8859 comments to UTF-8 (Dominique Dumont)
25f130c Merge branch 'back-to-ascii-msgids' (Dominique Dumont)
d5f41ee bump release number (Dominique Dumont)
b7e7826 fix (appdata): change appstream id (Dominique Dumont)
d2990c7 fix: can compile gtk3 without gtk2 libs (Dominique Dumont)
e2f001c Use only ascii for translatable messages. (Dominique Dumont)
86acf0a Revert "One more Unicode apostrophe" (Dominique Dumont)
* Contributors to this release:
Dominique Dumont
* Updated translations:
pl (Piotr Drąg)
pt_BR (Enrico Nicoletto)
sv (Anders Jonsson)
uk (Yuri Chornoivan)
0.147 "Sweet Solitude"
This release contains mostly bug fixes so pan can be compiled on major
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