1. 19 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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      Web: Fix performance issue resulting from detecting offscreen text brokenness · 6cf5160d
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      When authors hide text offscreen so that only screen readers will find
      them and present them, they think they are being helpful. Unfortunately,
      their techniques by side effect can break what we get for the accessible
      text (e.g. asking for a line at offset results in only a single char or
      word). Thus we have to sanity check all text in order to work around
      this. Normally this is not a performance problem because we can bail
      after checking the first line. But in a giant text object whose contents
      consist almost entirely of embedded object chars, we can get quite laggy.
      Therefore, if the accessible text is more than 30% embedded object chars,
      bail on the lines-are-single-words sanity check.
  2. 18 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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  5. 08 Jan, 2021 6 commits
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      Add a comment reminding us how broken the "interrupt" option is · fd15dd41
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      And include workarounds for people finding that commented out code
      and reporting it as a bug, rather than using the more recent and
      reliable methods for interrupting speech.
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      Revert "Re-enable the "interrupt" option in speechdispatcher factory" · 0df3bc53
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      The code in speech.py is very pro-interruption. It gets called by the
      scripts for multiple-utterance presentation. Without some significant
      changes, we're in danger of cutting off all but the last utterance. :(
      This reverts commit ce033c08.
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      Add more debugging · 60e498ce
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
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      Update Finnish translation · 87a12c0d
      Timo Jyrinki authored
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      Re-enable the "interrupt" option in speechdispatcher factory · ce033c08
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      speak() and speakUtterances() had the use of the interrupt argument
      commented out back in 2007 due to unspecified issues. In 2013, we
      enabled this and then immediately re-disabled it due to regressions.
      Most of the code handles interruption via explicitly calling the
      script's presentationInterrupt method which calls speech.stop,
      which causes _cancel to be called in speechdispatcher factory. That
      said, there may be downstream/external scripts/functionality that
      for some reason isn't calling presentationInterrupt or stop. And
      having this option in place but non functioning seems silly. So we'll
      re-enable it but set the default value to False in the hopes that we
      minimize the number of regressions that may be unexpectedly introduced
      by this change.
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      Web: Don't enter focus mode if we're in SayAll · 5a191227
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      Sometimes web pages auto-focus a widget after page load. If we're
      doing a SayAll of that page at the time this occurs, we don't want
      to leave browse mode because it can impact what and how we present
      things as well as put the user in an state they don't expect.
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  10. 22 Dec, 2020 3 commits
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      Web: Don't present labelOrName for document frame during caret navigation · 830a18b4
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      On some pages, the content we're navigating in is contained in the
      document itself (as opposed to a child element). In those cases, we
      don't want to speak the document title when the caret first returns
      to the body as a consequence of using caret navigation.
    • Joanmarie Diggs's avatar
      Web: Present the current line when mouse click moves caret; set priorObj · 2f98effe
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      There were special occasions (such as headings) when caret moved events
      caused the entire object to be presented when clicking with the physical
      mouse. This was not intentional. Move mouse-button handling to the top
      of the logic where we determine what to present when the locusOfFocus
      In addition, explicitly set the prior object to the old focus for mouse-
      button-triggered caret-moved events. This should ensure we present roles
      when initially clicking into a new element.
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      Update German translation · e5b7902f
      Christian Kirbach authored
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