Commit e1f36978 authored by Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs

Treat childless editable combobox inputs as a text field

parent 4902393f
......@@ -704,9 +704,25 @@ class Utilities(script_utilities.Utilities):
return rv
def isTextArea(self, obj):
if not self.inDocumentContent(obj):
return super().isTextArea(obj)
if self.isLink(obj):
return False
role = obj.getRole()
state = obj.getState()
msg = "WEB: Exception getting role and state for %s" % obj
debug.println(debug.LEVEL_INFO, msg, True)
return False
if role == pyatspi.ROLE_COMBO_BOX \
and state.contains(pyatspi.STATE_EDITABLE) \
and not obj.childCount:
return True
return super().isTextArea(obj)
def isReadOnlyTextArea(self, obj):
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