Commit 7e901a17 authored by Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs

Advance caret context to first non-list-item-marker position

parent 6b815e95
......@@ -4176,6 +4176,13 @@ class Utilities(script_utilities.Utilities):
debug.println(debug.LEVEL_INFO, msg, True)
return self.findFirstCaretContext(obj[0], 0)
if self.isListItemMarker(obj):
nextObj, nextOffset = obj, offset
while nextObj and self.isListItemMarker(nextObj):
nextObj, nextOffset = self.nextContext(nextObj, nextOffset)
if nextObj:
obj, offset = nextObj, nextOffset
text = self.queryNonEmptyText(obj)
if not text:
if self._advanceCaretInEmptyObject(obj) \
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