Commit 4902393f authored by Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs

Treat combo box as leaf node only if they lack entry descendant

parent 7b031f3e
......@@ -4132,12 +4132,15 @@ class Utilities:
if role in roles:
return False
if role == pyatspi.ROLE_COMBO_BOX:
entry = pyatspi.findDescendant(obj, lambda x: x and x.getRole() == pyatspi.ROLE_ENTRY)
return entry is None
state = obj.getState()
if state.contains(pyatspi.STATE_EXPANDABLE):
return not state.contains(pyatspi.STATE_EXPANDED)
roles = [pyatspi.ROLE_COMBO_BOX,
roles = [pyatspi.ROLE_PUSH_BUTTON,
return role in roles
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