1. 26 Jan, 2023 1 commit
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      web: refresh key grabs after updating focus · 617280c8
      Mike Gorse authored
      When the web script is reactivated, refreshKeyGrabs is called, but
      locusOfFocus might not yet be set to the currently active control, so the
      script doesn't know that structural navigation is active, meaning that at-spi
      isn't instructed to add the key bindings for structural navigation. Later,
      onFocusedChanged is called, and it might update locusOfFocus without notifying.
      We need to ensure that the AT-SPI key grabs are updated in this case.
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      Move additional error logging from "INFO" to "WARNING" · bd111c98
      Shannon Brady authored and Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs committed
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      Fix repetition of text elements during SayAll in web content · c304c945
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      If a single space (e.g. in a paragraph) separates two other objects
      (e.g. links), instead of speaking the space we might speak a different
      part of that same text element. The reason why is that currentLineText
      prefers the existing substring if it exists (in this case it does, the
      space). But in the case of non-editable content, it then strips that
      substring and only returns the result if a result remains (it no longer
      does). If getting the substring fails, we fall back on getTextLineAtCaret
      which can lead to repetition of text.
      Stripping the substring was a carry-over from old Gecko support and has
      been around for 8+ years, likely to work around some oddity in Gecko's
      accessible text implementation. Gecko's accessible text implementation
      has improved quite a bit since then, so with any luck stripping the
      string is no longer needed. Therefore, solve the repetition by no
      longer stripping the string.
      A side effect of the above fix was that we would speak "space" for the
      space. This is due to speechdispatcherfactory's _speak calling
      adjustForPronunciation which, among other things, converts a single
      character (i.e. to be spoken alone) into its character name. In the
      case of SayAll, we're not really speaking the space alone and we don't
      want to make that adjustment. So have adjustForPronunciation not turn
      single characters into their names during SayAll.
      Fixes issue #273.
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      Don't present ancestry of newly-selected page tabs · 09ecde9c
      Joanmarie Diggs authored
      The ancestry of newly-selected page tabs typically is flagged as layout
      only and is thus not presented by Orca. If, however, the ancestor has
      a name, it is no longer considered layout only. Firefox's page tabs are
      contained in a named toolbar. As a result, when the active browser tab
      is changed via keyboard shortcut, we present not only the name of the
      now-active/selected tab but also the parent toolbar.
      There's probably no good reason to ever present the ancestry of a
      newly-selected page tab, so enforce that.
      See issue #276.
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      Update Abkhazian translation · a4b1d730
      Нарт Лӏыша authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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