Commit 5b5d7a76 authored by Joanmarie Diggs's avatar Joanmarie Diggs
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Fix for bug 709447 - Orca segfaults when run with the wayland backend.

Sometimes Wnck.Screen.get_default() causes Orca to segfault when
Orca is launched with the wayland backend. It appears to be a race
condition, but it happens often enough and is severe enough that
I'll comment the offending call out for now so work related to
Wayland accessibility is not held up further.
parent 161f7ede
......@@ -150,7 +150,8 @@ class MouseReviewer:
# Need to do this and allow the main loop to cycle once to get any info
wnck_screen = Wnck.Screen.get_default()
# IMPORTANT: This causes orca to segfault upon launch in Wayland.
# wnck_screen = Wnck.Screen.get_default() = False
self._currentMouseOver = _ItemContext()
self._oldMouseOver = _ItemContext()
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