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    • scx's avatar
      Try to maximize scan area · 9a2480f7
      scx authored
      Some scanner by default select only a small area instead of full page.
      We want to fix it by trying to maximize the scan area, if possible.
      Not all devices are able to do this so we have to handle any exception.
  7. 15 Jan, 2020 4 commits
    • scx's avatar
      Prevent exceptions when setting scan mode and resolution · 873af216
      scx authored
      Invalid scanner options lead to an unrecoverable error:
      Error scanning page
      We want to set the mode as color and resolution as 300 DPI if possible,
      but the setting unsupported values was resulting in an non-caught
      Some scanners don't support the Resolution parameter at all.
      Supported modes may be vary across different scanners.
      Not all of them support the "Color" mode.
      For example, some of them support "Color24" or "Color48" instead.
      This patch fixes that by simply catching the exceptions, using the
      default values in that case.
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      Fix error on creating warning message dialog for error scanning page · 8a3e6696
      scx authored
      SimpleDialog constructor requires to provide the parent window.
    • scx's avatar
      Fix getting selected scanner from scan dialog · eafa8f61
      scx authored
      The code that gets the selected scanner was being called after the
      dialog destroyed, and that resulted in always getting "None" as the
      selected scanner.
      This patch fixes that by simply calling the mentioned function before
      destroying the dialog.
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      Fix ScannerChooserDialog · c8bdf069
      scx authored
      GtkHBox and GtkVBox have pack_start and pack_end methods. These take 4
      - widget
      - expand (default: True)
      - fill (default: True)
      - padding (default: 0)
      In PyGTK, the last three parameters were optional: if unspecified, the
      default values above were used.
      In PyGI, these parameters are not optional: all 4 must be specified.
      However, this one:
          box.pack_start(widget, True, True, 0)
      can be replaced with:
      When porting to PyGI, these differences were overlooked.
      This patch fixes it by replacing incorrect calls with the correct ones.
      See https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-docs/blob/master/src/gtk3-porting-guide.md#hbox-vbox-pack_start-and-pack_end
  8. 12 Jan, 2020 2 commits
  9. 07 Jan, 2020 5 commits
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      Port to Python 3 · 8615aff3
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      Python 3 has been around for a while now, and Python 2 is going away
      in Debian soon, so a port was due.
      These changes represent the port and were done by using lib2to3, with
      a few manual editions to add more needed changes (like dropping the
      attempt to encode a string), or dropping some unnecessary ones, e.g.
      iterating through an object as returned by the dict's keys() method
      is fine, but lib2to3 still creates a list for it.
      Special thanks to Reuben (@reubot on GNOME Gitlab) for having done an
      initial MR for the port, which made me want to move this foward (but
      I am pushing a different commit as it needed many changes).
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      Fix setting the OCR engine for the first time in the BoxEditor · f3b6e1e8
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      The code that sets the OCR engine for the BoxEditor was not getting
      the current_engine set the first time it checks it, so it was not
      trying to get the index for that engine, and defaulted it to None.
      Since it was later comparing it to an int, there was a TypeError
      exception because of that.
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      Do not use exec to load a DataBox · a9c34e16
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      There is no need for using exec when loading a DataBox from a project
      save file and it could have security implications. So this patch
      refactors the code to not use exec.
    • Joaquim Rocha's avatar
      Do not ship odf package · 648e39bc
      Joaquim Rocha authored
      A long, long time ago, when OCRFeeder was first released, there was
      no Debian package for odfpy, so to it simple at the time it was shipped
      with the rest of the source code.
      There are packages available now, so we should drop odf from the source
      tree, allowing to use updated versions with bug and security fixes.
      This will also make it easier to port OCRFeeder to Python 3 as the odfpy
      package doesn't need to be included in the port.
    • Daniel Mustieles García's avatar
      Updated Spanish translation · 1160f3de
      Daniel Mustieles García authored
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