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      glade: fix Wi-Fi secrets dialogue being partly untranslated · f7dd115d
      Bastien Nocera authored
      There was no gettext "domain" property defined for the wifi.ui files,
      nor was there a call to gtk_builder_set_translation_domain() before
      adding the .ui to the GtkBuilder object, so those strings used the
      default project gettext.
      Except that when the dialogue is used in another project such as
      gnome-control-center, that the default project isn't where the
      translations live.
      Set the "domain" property on the top-level interface tag, so that
      GtkBuilder knows where to find the translations.
      [lkundrak@v3.sk: The Wi-Fi dialog is actually composed of widgets from
      multiple GtkBuilder files -- set the domain in all of them.]
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