1. 09 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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      libnma: fix wrong mnemonics in tooltips for password entries · a927e31d
      Thomas Haller authored
      The mnemonics of radio buttons *inside* the pop-up menu don't work
      with respect to the whole window. They only work, if you already
      opened the pop-up menu, and then press the mnemonic key.
      But since you cannot open the pop-up menu with a shortcut,
      this becomes moot and the user has to click anyway.
      But more importantly, we are using the same string as tooltip
      for the icon, which wrongly showed the underscore of the mnemonic.
      Fix that by just removing the the mnemonics.
      Fixes: 50b9650c
      (cherry picked from commit d888f571)
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      wifi-dialog: add tooltip to password dialog to help with disabled "Connect" button · 74759ef8
      Thomas Haller authored
      If the connection is invalid, the "Connect" button in the Wi-Fi password
      dialog stays disabled and makes it hard for the user to understand the
      Especially when connecting to certain EAP-typed Wi-Fi connections, the
      connection might have no CA certificate set. However, if the connection
      was not previously edited with nm-connection-editor, the connection is
      considered invalid by nm-applet because "No CA certificate is required"
      is unchecked.
      As this flag is only stored in the gsetting of the user, NetworkManager
      and nm-applet disagree about whether the connection is valid.
      Add a tooltip to the connect button to indicate to the user that the
      connection must be modified first.
      Steps to reproduce:
        - create a Wi-Fi connection of type EAP (PEAP, TLS, or TTLS) outside
          of nm-applet/nm-connection-editor. Or alternatively, clear the
          gsettings entry with:
             dconf reset -f /org/gnome/nm-applet/eap/
        - try to connect to the Wi-Fi. Note that the "Connect" button of the
          password dialog is diabled (just like the "Save" button in nm-ce).
      (cherry picked from commit 53e801f3)
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