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    • Alexander Sack's avatar
      core: implement device disconnect feature (UI part) · ab4a16b5
      Alexander Sack authored and Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams committed
      refactor menu production code for all device classes
      to support a special "device" menu entry that is used
      to display our previous error labels "disconnected", "not ready", etc.
      We use this mechanism to return a sensitive "Disconnect" menu entry.
      Clicking the "Disconnect" menu entry calls the new libnm-glib
      nm_device_disconnect function.
      Since this is a universal feature working for all device classes, we drop the
      gsm/cdma specific code that added a disconnect entry for those device classes
      in the past.
      (cleanups and async conversion by dcbw)
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  10. 16 Sep, 2009 5 commits
    • Dan Williams's avatar
      core: update to work with certificate paths · b16d8aca
      Dan Williams authored
      Don't store the certificate/key paths in lookaside variables, just use
      the normal key/value pairs in the 802.1x setting.
      Since (for backwards compat) NM treats the private key as a secret, we
      need to do a few odd things like retrieving the private key paths from
      GConf when getting secrets from the keyring.
      Also, since the private keys and certificate properties are byte arrays,
      it's a slight bit more complicated to load/store them to GConf, requiring
      a bit of indirection in read_one_setting_value_from_gconf() and
      copy_one_setting_value_to_gconf().  Especially for
      copy_one_setting_value_to_gconf() since the incoming certificate may
      just be a byte array of the cert/key data from some older plugin or
      settings service, and thus we need to copy that cert data to a file
      on-disk and possibly re-encrypt a decrypted private key too.
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    • Dan Williams's avatar
      applet: fix crash when creating new connections from menu items · 1056d13f
      Dan Williams authored
      When clicking on a completely new wifi network, or picking either of
      the two New... options.  Refcounting on the connection returned
      from the wireless dialog was off, resulting in attempts to access
      the unrefed NMAGConfConnection when nobody thought it was gone.
    • Dan Williams's avatar
      editor: don't desensitize dialog if connection isn't valid · 49ce747f
      Dan Williams authored
      Dialog sensitivity should be desensitized if a system connection is invalid,
      otherwise the user wouldn't be able to fix the connection to make it valid
      again.  For system connections, dialog should be insensitive only when the
      user is (a) not authorized to edit the connection, or (b) the connection is
    • Dan Williams's avatar
      gitignore: add generated gconf schemas file · 0f03e860
      Dan Williams authored
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