Commit c5d36950 authored by Lubomir Rintel's avatar Lubomir Rintel

editor: sort the secondary VPN list

parent 9abf5e80
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......@@ -150,6 +150,8 @@ general_private_init (CEPageGeneral *self)
priv->dependent_vpn_checkbox = GTK_TOGGLE_BUTTON (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "dependent_vpn_checkbox"));
priv->dependent_vpn = GTK_COMBO_BOX (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "dependent_vpn_combo"));
priv->dependent_vpn_store = GTK_LIST_STORE (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "dependent_vpn_model"));
gtk_tree_sortable_set_sort_column_id (GTK_TREE_SORTABLE (priv->dependent_vpn_store), 0,
priv->autoconnect = GTK_WIDGET (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "connection_autoconnect"));
priv->autoconnect_prio = GTK_SPIN_BUTTON (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "autoconnect_prio"));
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