Commit 8515a07e authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams
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editor: fix crash editing wired 802.1x connections

With the updates to ignore CA cert logic as part of
b16d8aca the EAP methods now need
a valid 'connection' setting passed to them, which the wired
page's fill_connection() function wasn't doing.
parent 6878f634
......@@ -143,9 +143,18 @@ validate (CEPage *page, NMConnection *connection, GError **error)
/* FIXME: get failed property and error out of wireless security objects */
valid = wireless_security_validate (priv->security, NULL);
if (valid) {
NMSetting *s_con;
/* Here's a nice hack to work around the fact that ws_802_1x_fill_connection needs wireless setting. */
tmp_connection = nm_connection_new ();
nm_connection_add_setting (tmp_connection, nm_setting_wireless_new ());
/* temp connection needs a 'connection' setting too, since most of
* the EAP methods need the UUID for CA cert ignore stuff.
s_con = nm_connection_get_setting (connection, NM_TYPE_SETTING_CONNECTION);
nm_connection_add_setting (tmp_connection, nm_setting_duplicate (s_con));
ws_802_1x_fill_connection (priv->security, "wpa_eap_auth_combo", tmp_connection);
s_8021x = nm_connection_get_setting (tmp_connection, NM_TYPE_SETTING_802_1X);
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