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Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-0.9.6
This is a new stable release of network-manager-applet. Notable changes include:
* Rework connection editor main UI to better support different connection types
* Add connection editor support for WiMAX, Infiniband, Bond, and VLAN connections
* Suggest "seen BSSIDs" for WiFi BSSID entry
* Add connection editor support for autoconnect VPN connections
* Add a "General" page to the connection editor and move general options to it
* Fix GNOME Bluetooth plugin for recent versions of GNOME Bluetooth and the
GNOME Control Center
* Add LTE and HSPA+ icons to the applet
* Fix connection editor command-line passing to already-running instance
* Suppress nm-applet notifications when GNOME Shell is running
* Ensure 802.1x passwords default to "agent owned" and not system-wide
* Default to using system CA certificates for new connections
* Add support for ModemManager 0.7/0.8
* Fix a crash when editing IP addresses with the XIM input framework
* Fix handling of connection Zone when firewalld is active
* Fix saving a connection when ignoring a missing CA certificate
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network-manager-applet-0.9.6 network-manager-applet-0.9.6
Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-0.9.4 Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-0.9.4
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