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Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-1.8.2
This is a new stable release of network-manager-applet. Notable changes include:
* nm-c-e: Major rework of the nm-connection-editor UI.
* nm-c-e: Add support for MACsec.
* nm-c-e: Add support for new PPPoE connections not limited to ethernet.
* nm-c-e: Add support for bridge's group-forward-mask property.
* applet: Fix nm-applet's status icon when a VPN has the default route.
* applet: Always center dialogs on the screen.
* libnma: Fix handling empty password for certificate chooser.
* po: Updated Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Galician, Indonesian, Italian,
Kazakh, Lithuanian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian,
Serbian, Spanish translations.
* Various bugfixes and minor improvements.
Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-1.8.0
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