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Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-1.0.0
This is a new stable release of network-manager-applet. Notable changes include:
* Ported to libnm.
* Added new libnm-based client library (libnma).
* Add support for libappindicator.
The following features were backported to 1.0.x releases from 1.0.0 to 1.0.10
are also present in NetworkManager-1.2:
* Bluetooth page in connection editor is now populated with available Bluetooth
* Added hotspot support to the editor
* Password widgets now emits a signal for secret flag changes
* The connection validation errors are now communicated in a tooltip
* The editor is now able to edit the VLAN flags
* Added option to set MTU of Team devices.
* Added AppData for nm-connection-editor.
* Setting MTU for a bond device is now supported.
* Connecting to a wireless network from the NetworkManager applet no longer
results in an attempt to create system-wide connections. This fixes the
ability to connect to a wireless network for non-privileged user.
* The master interface name is used instead of master connection UUID for
slave connections created with nm-connection-editor. This fixes
compatibility of the ifcfg configuration files with the legacy network
* It is now possible to specify an interface name instead of a MAC address
when editing a connection using nm-connection-editor.
* The WWAN connections now have IPv6 enabled by default.
* libnm-gtk includes functions for password storage selection, which eases
implementation of password GUI for VPN plugins and other users.
* The applet is no longer started in GNOME 3
* STP controls are no longer displayed if STP is disabled
* Improved accessibility for screen reader users
Overview of changes since network-manager-applet-0.9.10
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