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connection-editor: re-enable launcher in GNOME and KDE

Gnome and KDE do not allow to start nm-connection-editor from the GUI, nor
provide a graphical way to manage more specialized connections, like
Bridge, Team and Bond ones: re-enable desktop launcher visibility.
Change the displayed name to hint users that the tool should be used for
specialized networking configurations.
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[Desktop Entry]
_Name=Network Connections
_Name=Advanced Network Configuration
_Comment=Manage and change your network connection settings
......@@ -10,4 +10,3 @@ X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Bugzilla=GNOME
  • mentioned in issue #42 (closed)

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  • mentioned in issue gnome-menus#10 (closed)

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  • mentioned in merge request gnome-menus!9 (merged)

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  • Allan Day @aday

    mentioned in issue #54


    mentioned in issue #54

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  • mentioned in issue Initiatives#2

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  • I would favor having this specialized functionality as a separate app, not confusing everyone by default especially being the first app on the grid in F30.

    Edited by Jakub Steiner
  • network-manager-applet/nm-connection-editor is still required by gnome-control-center and gnome-initial-setup, so we can't get rid of it altogether. That implies reverting this commit is appropriate. Or we could change our Fedora packaging to move the desktop file into a subpackage, so users don't see it, but that will probably leave other less-careful distros broken.

  • BTW, is private so we can't consider whatever is written there.

  • The point in having nm-connection-editor back in the list of Gnome apps is to make the application available to people looking for a GUI able to do network configuration which is not trivial. Please note that it is the only Gnome GUI that allows to configure bonds and bridges, which are something I would say quite common on servers. I agree anyway that it may be misleading to the avg user looking for a simple way to configure networking, especially on a desktop installation. Do you have any opinion on what should be the right way to address this in the long run?

  • mentioned in issue #55 (closed)

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  • Ah we crossed paths! I just opened an issue for this - see #55 (closed).

  • Let's discuss in #55 (closed).

  • mentioned in commit a0c31ed5

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  • mentioned in commit 297610d0

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