Commit 037c5721 authored by Beniamino Galvani's avatar Beniamino Galvani
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wireless-security: fix failed assertion in default_filter_privkey()

The @out_encrypted argument of nm_utils_file_is_private_key() must be
initialized to FALSE. When using libnm-glib, keep the value set to
TRUE since encryption detection is not supported for all file types.

This fixes the following:

libnm-CRITICAL **: nm_utils_file_is_private_key: assertion 'out_encrypted == NULL || *out_encrypted == FALSE' failed
(cherry picked from commit 8e60431a)
parent 837038be
......@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ default_filter_privkey (const GtkFileFilterInfo *filter_info, gpointer user_data
const char *extensions[] = { ".der", ".pem", ".p12", ".key", NULL };
gboolean require_encrypted = !!user_data;
gboolean is_encrypted = TRUE;
gboolean is_encrypted;
if (!filter_info->filename)
return FALSE;
......@@ -402,10 +402,12 @@ default_filter_privkey (const GtkFileFilterInfo *filter_info, gpointer user_data
if (!file_has_extension (filter_info->filename, extensions))
return FALSE;
is_encrypted = TRUE;
if ( !file_is_der_or_pem (filter_info->filename, TRUE, &is_encrypted)
&& !nm_utils_file_is_pkcs12 (filter_info->filename))
return FALSE;
#elif defined (LIBNM_BUILD)
is_encrypted = FALSE;
if (!nm_utils_file_is_private_key (filter_info->filename, &is_encrypted))
return FALSE;
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