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    meson: drop unuseful -Wl,--version-script check · 720fbeec
    Lubomir Rintel authored
    Meson complains that it doesn't work:
      WARNING: -Wl,--version-script looks like a linker argument, but
      has_argument and other similar methods only support checking compiler
      arguments. Using them to check linker arguments are never supported, and
      results are likely to be wrong regardless of the compiler you are using.
      has_link_argument or other similar method can be used instead.
    The has_link_argument() function requires meson 0.46 (we depend on 0.43)
    and it can't check for options without argument.
    Let's drop the check instead. It complicates things for no good reason:
    we don't want to build on platforms that don't support symbol versioning
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