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    editor: let users edit connection.interface-name property (rh #1139536) · 28616812
    Jiří Klimeš authored
    "Device MAC address" has been changed to "Device" that now accepts both
    interface name and MAC. Either of the two data can be set, or both:
    "em1 (3C:97:0E:18:4C:C7)", "3C:97:0E:18:4C:C7 (em1)", "em1", "3C:97:0E:18:4C:C7".
    This lets user also lock connection to an interface name for Ethernet, Wi-Fi,
    WiMAX, PPPoE, InfiniBand and mobile broadband connections. It is more useful
    than MAC address now that interface names are stable.
    For virtual connections, interface name entry is on the corresponding
    page (like bond, bridge, etc.) because it is mandatory.
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