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    • Alexandru Pandelea's avatar
      implement fts · 11cbe223
      Alexandru Pandelea authored
      The search text can now also match the contents of a file, besides
      the file name.
      This is done with the help of a Tracker query, using fts:match, which
      matces both the contents of a file and the filename.
      The user also has the option to choose whether to use or not the
      Full Text Search. This can be done with a preference, which represents
      the default option when opening a new tab/window or from the search
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    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      general: merge libnautilus-private to src · 7e24f1b2
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      And fix make distcheck.
      Although libnautilus-private seem self contained, it was actually
      depending on the files on src/ for dnd.
      Not only that, but files in libnautilus-private also were depending on
      dnd files, which you can guess it's wrong.
      Before the desktop split, this was working because the files were
      distributed, but now was a problem since we reestructured the code, and
      now nautilus being a library make distcheck stop working.
      First solution was try to fix this inter dependency of files, but at
      some point I realized that there was no real point on splitting some of
      those files, because for example, is perfectly fine for dnd to need to
      access the window functions, and it's perfectly fine for the widgets
      in the private library to need to access to all dnd functions.
      So seems to me the private library of nautilus is somehow an artificial
      split, which provides more problems than solutions.
      We needed libnautilus-private to have a private library that we could
      isolate from extensions, but I don't think it worth given the problems
      it provides, and also, this not so good logical split.
      Right now, since with the desktop split we created a libnautilus to be
      used by the desktop part of nautilus, extensions have access to all
      the API of nautilus. We will think in future how this can be handled if
      we want.
      So for now, merge the libnautilus-private into src, and let's rethink
      a better logic to split the code and the private parts of nautilus than
      what we had.
      Thanks a lot to Rafael Fonseca for helping in get this done.
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  12. 24 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexandru Pandelea's avatar
      Search popover: limit options to max 5 years · 9a3f6a9f
      Alexandru Pandelea authored
      The list displayed too many options for older dates.
      In order to limit this, the max_days variable was decreased to
      the number of days corresponding to 5 years
      The value of the step for months was updated to the proper value, 90.
      The days variable contained an unnecessary offset. To prevent it,
      for the first occurrence of each timeslice (month, week, year) there
      was added an if clause to remove the offset
      Due to limiting the max number of years displayed, there was removed
      (a now redundant) else from the function get_text_for_date_range.
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  14. 03 Feb, 2016 8 commits
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search-popover: provide function to reset date and mime type · ca60f518
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      And use it internally.
      Better than setting up the widgets by hand every time we wanted
      a reset.
      It's made public because we are going to use it in a upcoming patch.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search: export mime types utilities · ac955a26
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      Use the same mimetypes utilities and extract the functions to
      mime-actions to clean it up and being able to be used outside of
      the search popover class.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search-popover: merge and clean up date formatting · 1e447d8d
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      So we use the same function all over.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      preferences: add remote and local recursive search · ae55fec1
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      Instead of using a switch in the search popover.
      The search popover is meant to be as a temporary filter. That means
      that the "Search subfolders" switch that was present there was reset
      every time a new search was performed.
      Even if the nature of the popover is temporary and therefore should be
      understandable that the switch is also temporary, this can bring
      confusion in such a sensible matter.
      To avoid confusion, add two preferences, one for remote file systems
      and one for local file systems to allow the choice to make a recursive
      or non recursive search, and remove the switch to avoid frustration.
      Also, I expect this choice to be more a permanent one than a temporary
      one, as in, I expect users to what they really want is to make a
      permanent choice whether they want recursive search or not.
      For local file systems, on what I can gather, either wants to emulate
      the type-ahead search, because it's file system is slow to perform
      a recursive search and will always be, therefore a permanent choice,
      or the opposite where the file system of the user is fast enough to
      perform a recursive search, which will most of the cases be like that,
      and therefore also a permanent choice.
      For remote file systems is similar. Either the internet connection of
      the user is fast enough for the whole session or use, therefore wants
      recursive search always enabled, or it's not, and therefore it doesn't
      want recursive search enabled.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search: rename recursive to local and remote · a256967e
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      For clarity.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search-popover: disconnect old query signals · 42fccb7c
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      Just a thynko/typo.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search-popover: use single signals for changes · 946cd0d8
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      It's more flexible and better to maintain different signals
      for different changes, rather than a single signal with a single
      generic parameter.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      search: use range of dates · 54377172
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      This was not implemented. We want to differenciate between a range of
      days we want to search for and a specific date, as set on the mockups.
      The calendar selector will be specific dates, whether the days selector
      will be a "since".
      Also on the way fix various things and code preferences.
  15. 02 Feb, 2016 9 commits