1. 21 May, 2018 1 commit
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      general: Revert to allow running binaries and scripts · ac886102
      Carlos Soriano authored
      Recently we removed the ability to launch binaries and scripts in
      commit 3a22ed5b.
      A few cases appeared that we need to support, specially for enterprise
      and content creators. Specifically, cases similar to #434
      This also shows that is hard to predict cases like these, as some
      complex setups might be needed for specific workflows.
      This commits allow to run binaries and scripts as before, and further
      investigation in these cases need to be done if we ever want to tweak
      the workflow of running binaries.
      More discussion about improving binaries/script handling is being
      proposed and discussed in #443
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      nautilus-application: Publish window->location mappings · a1751d3d
      Philip Langdale authored
      This is a reworking of a long standing Ubuntu patch that publishes
      the set of locations open in each Nautilus window. The motivation
      for this change is that a desktop environment providing special
      icons for things like removable devices and the trash can match
      windows to those icons for highlighting purposes.
      In the original incarnation, Unity provided these icons. In today's
      world, I'm maintaining a set of patches for dash-to-dock/ubunut-dock
      that provide these icons too.
      The original implementation uses Xids to identify windows, but Xids
      aren't a thing in Wayland so this mechanism is a dead end. Instead,
      we can use the 'gtk application window object paths' which are
      published over dbus by GtkApplications, including Nautilus.
      Mutter already detects these, and makes them available on MetaWindows.
      The original patch added the mapping property to the fileManager1
      interface, and I have left that part as-is, but it's likely not to
      be the right place to put it. fileManager1 is a generic interface
      and a property that assumes a GTK behaviour doesn't seem right.
      We could obviously add it to a new interface under org.gnome.Nautilus,
      but this would be Nautilus specific - although there isn't a huge
      scope for other file managers to implement this property, so perhaps
      that's just fine.
      dash-to-dock discussion is readable here:
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      gitlabci: Extend the expiration period of the flatpak bundle · 3a35b603
      Jordan Petridis authored
      It's often the case that an MR will be opened and call for testing or an artifact will be linked in an issue.
      But by the time people review the changes or try to test it them, the provided bundle will be already gone.
      In the early days of the gitlab migration the expiration was commonly set to a small interval to ease the transition and not eat up the resources of runners. This should no longer be required going forward and the expiration date can be more flexible.
  12. 09 May, 2018 6 commits