1. 07 Sep, 2000 1 commit
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      Default to services.eazel.com instead of ham.eazel.com Nicer print for · 6896aa7c
      Eskil Heyn Olsen authored
      	* components/services/install/command-line/eazel-alt-install-corba.
      	c: (install_failed), (main):
      	Default to services.eazel.com instead of ham.eazel.com
      	Nicer print for install failed in the case the package is already
      	Free the category & package date structures.
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-corba-callback.c:
      	(impl_install_failed), (impl_uninstall_failed):
      	Free some category & package date structures (leak fixing project)
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-corba-types.c:
      	Fixed a g_new(categorydata) to categorydata_new
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-corba.c:
      	Inserted some newlines (exiting eh ?)
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-md5.h:
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-md5.c:
      	Added a call that converts a md5 string into a 16 byte digest
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-object.c:
      	Some newlines!!
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-protocols.h:
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-protocols.c:
      	(http_fetch_remote_file), (eazel_install_fetch_package),
      	Added comments to what get_url_for_package and
      	get_search_url_for_package does.
      	Removed excess code from http_fetch_remote_file (creation of temp
      	Changed get_url_for_package to take a packagedata object as last
      	argument. This is used for setting the serverside md5. Also uses
      	trilobite_fetch_uri now.
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-query.c:
      	Inserted newlines (okay, I do that a lot, it makes the code
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-rpm-glue.c:
      	Changed to initally copy the category->packages. That way I don't
      	end up having a list in the category where the first element is
      	NULL (leak).
      	Nuke the modifies list after called check_existing. No reason to
      	send those to the client, since the status flags is updated to
      	show that the package is already installed.
      	Finished the md5 checking (thus my required milestone bugs are
      	done now, woohoo)
      	Commented out the block that destroys packagedata objects.
      	Set the stats to "already installed".
      	Removed silly g_messages in danish that I used for debugging.
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-types.h:
      	Removed some weird old structure defines.
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-types.c:
      	(categorydata_new), (categorydata_destroy_foreach),
      	Added some more messages in the category/packagedata alloc/dealloc
      	* components/services/install/lib/eazel-install-xml-package-list.c:
      	(generate_xml_package_list), (osd_parse_implementation),
      	(osd_parse_softpkg), (osd_parse_shared),
      	Added D: to some stdout stuff.
      	Decodes the MD5 tag
      	Had to add a hack to compensate for lack of useragent in gnome-vfs
      	http (bug 2862)
      	* components/services/trilobite/libtrilobite/trilobite-core-utils.h
      	* components/services/trilobite/libtrilobite/trilobite-core-utils.c
      	: (trilobite_fetch_uri), (trilobite_fetch_uri_to_file),
      	(trilobite_fetch_uri), (trilobite_fetch_uri_to_file):
      	Wrote "slim" versions that use libghttp, for the bootstrap
      	* nautilus-installer/src/.cvsignore:
      	Ignore the prezip binary
      	* nautilus-installer/src/Makefile:
      	* nautilus-installer/src/link.sh:
      	Makefile cosmetics
      	* nautilus-installer/src/rpmsearch.cgi:
      	The makeshift rpmsearch cgi script.
      	* libnautilus-adapter/.cvsignore
      	stuff to ignore stuff.