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    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      application: handle command line only in main instance · aedc98cf
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      So, this came trying to fix a little issue.
      Christian Hegert pointed to me that nautilus -s was not working
      all the times. It was working only when the application was already
      That's because there was a race condition in the dbus.
      We were starting nautilus, owning the FileManager1 dbus path
      and inside application_select we were calling the dbus method
      to select the items. Then that instance died and the dbus path
      became unown by Nautilus again, but we were in the middle of a call
      to the dbus method. So that created a race somewhere and Nautilus
      was not responding to that call.
      When there was an instance already alive this was working fine since the
      dbus path was owned by Nautilus already.
      So one solution was to instead of calling nautilus by a dbus call for
      that use case, directly do the need operations there. But then it was
      happening the opposite, it was working for the first instance, since the
      startup is called an everything is in place, but when created a second
      instance with the -s option it was crashing because the second instance
      was not initialized and nothing was set up for it.
      So finally, the solution I though is better for this is always handle
      the command line options on the main instance.
      A way to do this is connecting to the command-line signal of
      GApplication and drop handle_local_options and application_open.
      Doing this actually make things easier for everything, like the problem
      we had some months ago about nautilus creating one window when icons on
      desktop was activated. That was happening because depending on the
      return value on handle_local_options it called the activate signal or
      Now instead we manage everything as we want in the handler of the
      command-line signal, so we don't have to worry about those things
      anymore and the code becomes clearer and simpler.
    • Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar
      nautilus-application: don't set startup_id · 396022b3
      Carlos Soriano Sánchez authored
      It's causing some issues when setting it to NULL when the
      functions is called inside nautilus and it doesn't know the
      Focus management is working as expected in my testings, and
      docs recommend to not use it... so remove it.
    • Michael Catanzaro's avatar
      Tweak punctuation in delete-shortcut-changed.ui · 3fa83fae
      Michael Catanzaro authored
      Hyphens don't work this way; use an em dash instead.
      (We have no agreement on whether to use spaced or unspaced em dash.
      I pick unspaced, because spaced requires a lot of space.)
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